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Hoodia on NBC "Can a cactus plant be a magic bullet for dieters? Prickly bush in the Kalahari Desert could be key to weight-loss success...Could a plant from South Africa be the weight-loss secret that could help millions of overweight Americans slim down? NBC News correspondent Janet Shamlian talks about the possible magic pill we've all been waiting for." - NBC Today Show Spot

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Hoodia XPF (Xtreme Powerful Formula)

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The Claim:

The most Powerful Diet Formula Ever!

Hoodia XPF said to be the "magic bullet" of weight loss! By combining the eastern philosophies of using all natural herbal ingredients with the ageless traditions of the South African Kalahari Bushman, Hoodia XPF has revealed dieting secrets once thought impossible! Try It Free Today

Product Information:

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  • Powerful Diet Formula Ever
  • Limited to those wanting to lose 15 pounds or more
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Product Testimonials:

"I started using nutracore three months ago. My beginning weight was 250... today I weigh 185. I am 6.1 so I am near my desired weight. I do need to firm it up now and need to take more of nutracore. I am 65 years young so I'm real proud of my accomplishments. I started gaining weight when I quit smoking in 1999. Now I can firm up my belly and enjoy working out!" - LM, MN

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